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Why Should You Read This Jusuru Review?
Let’s face the facts here my friend. The reason you are reading this Jusuru review is because you are either currently evaluating the Jusuru business opportunity as a legitimate way to create an additional stream of income or you have already pulled the trigger and rolled the dice on your Jusuru business and want to know what other network marketing leaders have to say about the company.

The bottom line is that within this Jusuru review you are going to receive an unbiased 3rd party expert review of the Jusuru company, product, and compensation plan. You will no longer have to wonder whether or not there is a Jusuru scam going on. What you will know is how to create a successful Jusuru business.

Jusuru Review – Who’s Leading The Charge?

In choosing a company to build your network marketing empire with the first thing that you have to take into consideration is who leading the charge? Having the right CEO is jusuru-bottle-149x300absolute paramount to the company’s long term success.

Filling the main leadership role for Jusuru is Asma Ishaq. Asma graduated from the University of California, at Berkeley with dual degrees both in  psychology and business administration. Afterward she went off to graduate studies at Princeton University on the East Coast while finally completing her MBA with a dual concentration in finance and marketing at Rice University.

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