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Monat Global TestimonialsWhat’s better than having fantastic, full, vibrant hair? Having all of that plus adding an additional 4-5 figures per month to your financial bottom line.

Monat Global is an Innovative Age Prevention Personal Care Network Marketing Company that is empowering people to not only have amazing hair and skin thanks to the Monat Global Products but to also enjoy a higher standard of living thanks to the opportunity presented in their business model.

The Miami, FL based company was founded in October of 2014 by the father & son duo of Luis and Rayner Urdaneta. They were sure that combining a superior product with the power of social network marketing could result in explosive growth and a company that truly makes an impact in the marketplace.

The success that Monat Global is experiencing right now in their business is a clear indication that the vision these two leaders possess is right on track to manifesting itself into reality.

Monat Global Testimonials – Rejuvenique Oil Intensive

Without a doubt the flagship product is the Monat Global Rejuvenique Oil Intensive which is actually inserted into a good portion of the products produced because of its focus on active cellular renewal that it accomplishes by restoring the body’s essential natural oil reserves.

The Rejuvenique Oil Intensive was developed by Monat in their own state of the art laboratory through its research in active botanical oils. They discovered that oils have always been essential to the rejuvenation and balance of every living cell in every living creature.

If you run a quick internet search on Monat Global Testimonials what you’re going to end up finding are numerous photos and written statements showing just how effective the products containing Rejuvenique actually are which of course makes the whole process of marketing the products a walk in the park.

When you combine the effectiveness of the product base with the Monat Global Business Opportunity what you end up having is a great way to earn what could be a considerable amount of monthly income while helping folks look and feel their best.

The really wonderful thing about being able to build a business with this company is the leverage that can be developed through the Monat Global Compensation Plan. Having the ability to build out a large affiliate organization to distribute more products than you could ever retail on a personal basis is a very smart way to maximize your time and generate more income with the same amount of work on a daily and weekly basis.

To get a full understanding of what the company has to offer you can check out our Monat Global Review. You can also go to the official company website for more Monat Global Testimonials.